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“I just stumbled onto this site (www.utahsrepublic.org). Thank you for this. I am a teacher in ASD and feel so alone, as many teachers do, because of the corruption of the administration in the district. There needs to be a complete overhaul. I have personally seen them push some of the best teachers out. I want to do more, but when I do speak up about the way things are done, I always seem to get in trouble. My school had the opportunity to invest in a great history program, with pictures and displays and a curriculum. Our principal pushed to use our Trustlands money to pay for more “aids” to help out with students. All they really do is office work and what he wants. I believe in this country and want a great history curriculum to be enforced. The only thing the students are getting now are worksheets and little books to find answers. There is no “teaching” taking place or understanding of our great nation being professed. I want to do more. Hopefully I can, without getting into trouble or losing my job.
-Alpine School District Teacher

I was an employee of Alpine school district and attended many meetings were I encountered that heinous sign (“Enculturating the Young into a Social and Political Democracy”). It is also in the teacher learning center adjacent to the district office. It used to infuriate me, though I did not realize the ramifications at that time. I now teach history at a private school and am teaching my students about “true” American history. We are in fact learning this week about the difference between a democratic republic and a democracy. I admit I was not informed until I did my research. This was very timely.
-Former Alpine School District Teacher

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