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“I noticed our school told us they were using Scott Foresman for “balanced math.” I wondered why my kids were getting Investigations math homework and then I found out Scott Foresman is the publisher for Investigations math. Nice eh?”

“It’s a sure sign of Fall — back to school night for our third grader at Grovecrest and the sweet, second-year teacher announces that Investigations will be the math curriculum for our youngest daughter.

I know that Investigations is “not approved” by the Utah State Board of Education.  But does Alpine have to abide by this?

My wife came home that night fighting mad.  We plan to meet with the principal today or tomorrow to voice our feelings.”

“Investigations has always been used as the only math curriculum at Sharon Elementary in Orem.  Sharon never even pretended to remove the curriculum.  I’ve personally called the district about it.  Their response has been to call the principal, Linda Anderson, who tells them that Investigations is only used as a supplement.  That is a LIE.  The district chooses to believe this woman instead of parents.

I’m a parent there (and would like to remain anonymous with regards to my comments here); I attend Back-to-School Night and listen to the teachers go over their curriculum plans for the year.  I’ve been in the classrooms there.  Trust me–the only math being used at Sharon that is not straight Investigations is Connected Math in the 6th grade.  (Every now and then, a good teacher will quietly & behind closed doors supplement Investigations.)

There are parents at Sharon who have complained against Investigations since it was first brought in.  The complaints have never ceased.  Parents have tried calling the district to complain about the administration of the school–for Investigations and many other reasons.  The district WILL NOT listen.  They don’t care what parents say.  Instead, they pay the principal an unbelievably high salary & are quite rude to parents who ask for improvement.

Don’t believe anyone who says that Investigations is not the math curriculum being used at Sharon.  They are lying.”

“After about the first week of school this year, my sophomore age daughter started complaining about her math class.  She was very confused and just wasn’t able to follow what the teacher was going over.  I was surprised, because she has always excelled at math and had no trouble throughout middle school. She started going to school early every other day so she could meet with her teacher and go over her homework questions.  One night she was very frustrated and said “This textbook is so weird!  It is a math book, and it doesn’t even have any numbers in it, it is all words!!!”  That’s when a light went on in my head and I said “Let me see that book”.  Right on the cover it said “An Integrated Approach”.  I was shocked!  I thought that the days of Investigations were over!

Well, I got on the phone to the counselor’s office and explained the situation.  He was surprised that the teacher was using an Integrated text book, and said that the teachers of that school are supposed to use 80% traditional and can use 20% of any supplemental material they find helpful.  I also spoke to the person in charge of math for the entire district and his reaction was the same.  I am not sure why they have this rule and are not enforcing it.  I know of at least one other teacher who uses this same textbook.

The counseling office did not know which teachers were traditional and which were integrated, so they gave me the numbers of several math teachers.  I called each one up and asked questions about which textbook they used and what their curriculum was.  After speaking with all the teachers I found one who used a traditional math book and approach to teaching.  The counseling office transferred her right away, even though it was past the date for class changes.  She has now been in her new class for 3 class periods.  She understands the curriculum perfectly, is appropriately challenged, and is succeeding.”

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