Important Notice from the SaveASD Administrators

Traditional Education (concentration on academics)

is being replaced with

Progressive Education (concentration on political social engineering)

We at SaveASD strive with all diligence to ensure our facts are correct and verifiable. We strive to make this an issue about facts, not about emotions or an attack on personal character. All information can be verified online by doing personal research.

We want to reaffirm that we love and appreciate our teachers and those who work so diligently in the public school system for our children. This has never been about discrediting teachers or schools, but about the Alpine School District quietly replacing traditional education (which focuses on academics) with Progressive Education (which focuses on political social engineering). Although the intent of the Alpine School District may be good, the outcome of following these dangerous philosophies is what we are concerned about. We know our educational leaders only have the best intentions for our children. We just believe many of them unknowingly follow these philosophies without understanding the end result.

John Goodlad and his mentor John Dewey are both humanists and socialists who are leaders of the Progressive Education movement to gradually change American society from capitalism into democratic socialism. They are doing this slowly and methodically by using double-meaning words such as democracy and words like morals and values which of course good people want to implement in the raising of children.  However, woven into this educational philosophy is a strong  anti-family message with teachings of the radical gay agenda, social justice, feminism, redistribution of wealth, global population control, global climate change, and other political issues pushed by the Progressive movement.”

 We believe very good people have been misinformed about the goals of some of our national education reformers and our goal is to bring this truth to light by quoting these reformers in their own words. Our concern also lies with the fact that after informing the current school board and top district leaders of our concerns with this political agenda, they have told us  that they still intend to follow this Progressive Education agenda. The district spokesperson said specifically that even if they change a couple words on their mission statement or website, they will not change their direction because they follow John Goodlad’s philosophies 100%.

Because of ASD’s insistence on continuing down a path we feel is dangerous to our community and country, we felt a need to inform parents and voters of these dangers. If readers of this site want to inform others, we highly support forwarding this website and encouraging them to do their own research. We make it easy by supplying references and links.