What is this Controversy in Alpine School District?

For those of you who need to be caught up to know what is going on in Alpine School District, here is my story. But first, this has never been about discrediting our good teachers or schools, but about the leaders in Alpine School District replacing traditional education (which focuses on academics) with Progressive Education (which focuses on social engineering). John Goodlad and his mentor John Dewey are both humanists and socialists who are leaders of this education movement to gradually change American society from capitalism to democratic socialism. They are doing this slowly and methodically by using double-meaning words such as democracy and words like morals and values which of course good people want to implement in the raising of children.   Many of our fine teachers perhaps are not even aware of this part of Goodlad’s Agenda since they are usually only familiar with his more positive educational theories. However, woven into this educational philsophy is a strong  anti-family message with teachings of social justice, feminism, redistribution of wealth, and other political issues pushed by the Progressive movement.

Alpine School District’s  mentor, John Goodlad, believes that the child belongs to the state and that if we don’t stop the cycle of children following the belief systems of their parents, the political system he strives for will collapse.

I came across this huge sign “Enculturating the Young into a Social and Political Democracy” back in February 2010 when I took my 6th grade daughter out of school. It was hanging in the Professional Development Center of the Alpine School District. My daughter urged me to home school because the school was not challenging her academically after multiple discussions with them. Her Constitution teacher also argued with her that America was not a Republic, but a Democracy and that a book she was reading about the Founding Fathers (The 5000 Year Leap) was “pure science fiction”. The politically charged and incorrect sign was enough to shock us both, but then the district website was even worse, containing many progressive phrases and the word democracy 13 times on their Mission Statement Page, but academics 0. All teachers (even art, math, and music) were told that their #1 priority was to put Goodlad’s Democracy Agenda first in their classes before setting their curricula. Clearly, there was more of a political emphasis than an academic one.

The district linked their website to an article written by a California atheist and socialist Green Party candidate to explain why America was a Democracy, not a Republic. He stated that our Founding Fathers were ‘predatory elitists’ out for wealth, gain and power and that the Constitution was just a means to that selfish goal.  The most disturbing things I found when I searched the links from that “America: Republic or Democracy” page were the other beliefs of this author. William P. Myers, whom the district deemed to be the expert about America, writes in his books that Christ is a real vampire who pretends he is a God to attract a cult. He believes this because, he says, Christ drank blood, ate flesh and rose from the dead. This same author also believes in late term abortion, limiting families to 2 children and anarchy. I’m sure the district does not profess that Christ is a vampire, but it is disturbing that they deemed this man as being their district expert on America and the Constitution. The link has obviously been taken off after much publicity, and the school district has continually scrubbed their website clean as more and more people become aware and concerned. This amazing story was only the beginning, or an early warning sign, to more disturbing facts about what has been going on in this school district over the years.

I discovered that:

ASD follows the complete Progressive philosophies of openly socialist/humanist/atheist John Goodlad, from his Enculturating motto, the Democracy Agenda, the 4 Moral Dimensions, to all of the other educational policies they set. Our high level district administrators receive many of Goodlad’s national awards by pushing this Agenda more than most districts in the entire nation.

ASD has a partnership with BYU’s McKay School of Education and Goodlad’s National Network of Education Renewal (NNER). The NNER puts on national conferences each year where Bill Ayers and other self-proclaimed socialists/feminists/atheists speak on such topics as social justice, environmentalism, moral relativism and social and political reform.

Bill Ayers, former Weather Underground socialist revolutionary terrorist is the keynote speaker at the October 2010 Conference. He finally decided that rather than blowing up federal buildings by revolution, that evolutionary change through the public school system is the way to change the country. Nel Noddings, feminist anti-Mormon, was last year’s keynote speaker who spoke on her book Women and Evil. She complains that the authors of the Bible were male chauvinists who portrayed women as being evil, so we need to redefine evil in a modern world. Goodlad’s emphasis has never been on academics at all. He is a social reformer working through the universities and public school system to further his political agenda. He wrote Schooling is a practical political affair.” Goodlad’s emphasis is on morals when he is a moral relativist, social reform when he is a socialist, humanism because he’s an atheist, and he preaches many other popular Progressive philosophies. He is a follower of John Dewey, one of the original signers of the Humanist Manifesto, and is a Dewey Award recipient.

Both Superintendent Vern Henshaw and the district spokesperson, Rhonda Bromley, confirmed to me personally that they and others involved absolutely know that John Goodlad is an atheist and socialist, but they stand behind him 100%. They have been to these national NNER conferences for years with Bill Ayers in attendance and fully realize the Progressive agenda that the district is pushing onto our school children. Not innocent bystanders, Superintendent Henshaw and others in ASD have served on councils and executive committees as part of the leadership of the NNER. Henshaw and Bromley admitted to me that even if they change a word or two on the motto or the website, they absolutely will NOT change their core beliefs in Goodlad or change the direction of the district. Why then does the district pretend to listen to public input if they have no plans to use it? Could this be a clever tactic before an important election? Any parent going to the district meetings over the last few months can clearly see that they don’t want to hear opposing public input. They line up ASD employees to defend their controversial philosophies instead of aligning themselves with the beliefs of the parents who voted them into office. Since when is it the board’s duty to rubberstamp a Progressive district instead of being the elected voice of the people?

It is time parents wake up to the Progressive politics our district is following and demand that the board be accountable to the parents and children in this community. We need to insist that they stay in the business of teaching academics and stop pushing the Progressive agenda written by a socialist and humanist named John Goodlad. Since most of these board members have admitted that they stand firmly behind Goodlad and his Democracy Agenda, it is time to vote for new leadership in the district who will put the academic needs of our children first before political agendas.

~Susan Schnell