ASD Website Scrubbed Clean

Before Alpine School District (ASD) recently scrubbed their website clean of any embarrassing links to hide the fact that they are still associating with socialists, they had some pretty interesting pages to read through.

  • Gone on any of the main links is the name of socialist humanist John Goodlad in which the district still firmly endorses 100%.
  • Gone is the link to America: Republic or Democracy in which ASD’s democracy expert Bill Meyers denigrates our Founding Fathers saying that they were only predatory elitists out for wealth and gain and writing the Constitution was a big mistake.
  • Gone with the Bill Meyers link is the ability to see Meyers’ other publications with his endorsements of late term abortion, limiting families to two children, anarchy, and the now famous books stating that Christ was a real vampire who disguised himself as a god.
  • Gone are any connections to Goodlad’s 4 Moral Dimensions or the Progressive speakers who are connected to them, including ASD experts like Bob Bullough who had his picture taken with terrorist Bill Ayers 3 years ago while Ayers was wearing a huge logo of the Socialist/Communist Red Star on his T-shirt. Instead, there are just watered-down versions of generic moral dimensions which have little resemblance to the original meanings Goodlad intends.
  • Gone is any mention of Goodlad’s National NNER Conference in which Bill Ayers is featured as the Oct 2010 keynote speaker. Superintendent Vern Henshaw and other ASD administrators not only have frequented this conference for years, but have also served on executive committees while Ayers was a speaker, proving that they have known about the Ayers’ connection for at least 5 years.
  • Gone are the many beautiful sayings of Progressive writers and radical activists which adorned some of the pages on the ASD site.

It was becoming so amusing to see what else would pop up on an ASD page. I’ll miss those days. On the bright side, it’s becoming just as entertaining to see how they are scrubbing the site clean, hoping that naive parents will say that all is well in Zion once more. Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain, they say, even though they know he is a socialist and humanist defining education in a mostly LDS community. They forget we’ve been cautioned to beware of the false philosophies of the world, especially humanism and anything which would take away freedoms like socialism.

We’re sure this fall cleaning has nothing to do with the upcoming November election in which 4 board member seats are up for grabs. Or does it?

You can scrub, but you can’t hide!

More scrubbing recently: After the writing of this article and just 2 weeks before elections, the ASD quietly ripped the 30 ft long Enculturating sign off of the wall of the Professional Development Center without informing parents or the school board. All that’s left is a bad patching job and some touch up paint. No announcement has been made to disconnect with John Goodlad however. Conversations with Superintendent Vern Henshaw and spokesperson Rhonda Bromley prove just the opposite. According to them they stand firmly behind John Goodlad’s philosophies 100% and have no intention of changing direction.