ASD Spokesperson Speaks Out

Last week the spokesperson of Alpine School District, Rhonda Bromley, notified us that she sent out a 5 page letter to her friends and neighbors defending the district’s position that everything is fine in the school district and a small group of parents are just creating a lot of steam out of nothing. It seems that many of her friends and neighbors were quite concerned at what we had uncovered and many were calling and emailing her, so she felt the need to write a formal letter to them. Today she sent a slightly different version of that long letter to all 6,300 employees of Alpine School District, but without even mentioning our response which actually deals with the facts that she conveniently left out of her letter.

We appreciate Rhonda sending us her original letter to all these concerned citizens and keeping the lines of communication open between us. We also appreciate those people who cared enough to ask the hard questions of her. What we don’t appreciate is that she left out the facts when she mass emailed her letter all over the district and gave us no way to respond. We believe in getting all the facts on the table for all concerned citizens. We have done that here so you can come up with your own conclusions.

We know that there has been quite a controversy in the district as people try to understand the facts of what is really going on. Although we receive very supportive comments for the most part, we’ve also heard from some teachers and parents who are perfectly happy with the education in their local classrooms and don’t understand why we have set up this website which some have perceived as an attack on all teachers. Obviously some clarification is required.

We do appreciate and support our good teachers and staff at ASD. We know how much hard work and sacrifice is going into the education of our children. Our concern has never been about the great things which are happening in individual classrooms across the district. Our concern from the beginning is that district leaders have chosen to embrace John Goodlad and his Progressive Education Agenda over traditional academic education. Many parents and teachers who have seen the consequences of these Progressive philosophies are writing to us because they have not felt their concerns have been addressed by this district. We acknowledge all the good which is going on, but we want to make sure parents understand the very real danger of Goodlad’s Agenda. These parents’ stories and comments are evidence that this is happening in many classrooms throughout the district, although we in no way think it is in every classroom.

We feel it is only fair to present both letters here in order for this audience to see both sides of this controversy. Although Ms. Bromley is understandably passionate and defensive of any criticism, once again, even within 5 long pages, she never addresses even one of the facts we’ve presented on our website or any of our real concerns. Our reply attempts to steer ASD back to the actual issues and provides a simple analogy about these dangers.

CLICK HERE to see our response.

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