ASD’s Proposed Tax Hike

American Fork, Saratoga Springs and Cedar Hills have some of the highest property tax rates (ranging between 2.5 and 2.7 %) of the 25 cities in Utah County. Cities are only one of the taxing entities that have a voice in the amount assessed to individual property owners.  Other entities include Water Districts, School Districts, and the County.

Alpine School District currently has an approved tax rate of .007541. That is more than twice the rate of these cities and vastly greater than the city rates of Orem and Lindon which are currently at 1.7%. Yet, the Alpine School Board is currently in the process of trying to pass an additional rate hike for the 2011 year.  As recently pointed out by the Daily Herald, this tax increase will raise property taxes in a time when many residents are already forced to tightening their family budget.  They noted that in 1999, 98% of property tax owed was collected, but in 2008, only 88% of property tax owed was collected.

Schools don’t need more money; they need a new paradigm. We need board members who recognize the fact that throwing money at problems do not make them disappear.