ASD’s Education Expert with Socialist John Goodlad and Terrorist Bill Ayers

Recently, Alpine School District (ASD) scrubbed their website clean of anything that could point to their connection with socialist humanist John Goodlad, his Democracy Agenda and his 4 Moral Dimensions. The original Moral Dimensions page featured distinguished expert speakers who described each “moral” in detail. The current watered-down version of the page has no mention of these five Progressive speakers or the language parents find disturbing. One could only guess why ASD doesn’t want additional inquiries into their education program, especially by looking at the photo above featuring their education expert standing alongside socialist revolutionary Bill Ayers wearing the communist red star on his T-shirt.

Academic Knowledge or Progressive Knowledge: Which is it?

Dr. Robert (Bob) Bullough was one of the featured speakers on the original Moral Dimensions page. Bullough spoke on Providing Access to Knowledge to All Children and Youth. Dr. Bullough tied democracy to a moral education.  He quoted John Dewey in his speech, “Democracy has many meanings, but if it has a moral meaning it is found in resolving that the supreme test of political institutions and industrial arrangements shall be the contribution they make to the all-around growth of every member of society.” Since Dewey was a moral relativist, why would Bullough stress Dewey’s morals? Further, doesn’t it make sense to speak of academics if the subject is knowledge? Why stress politics and democracy? What kind of knowledge would these Progressives want our children to possess?

Humanists, Socialists and Revolutionary Terrorists

Mr. Bullough is seen in the photo above at the University of South Carolina’s Museum of Education along with Bill Ayers and museum curator and Progressive educator Craig Kridel. Humanist Manifesto signatory, John Dewey, is celebrated at this museum along with many other progressive and socialist education leaders. In this photo, socialist revolutionary turned educator Bill Ayers is proudly displaying the 5-pointed red star of socialism and communism on his shirt, which originated as an emblem for the former Soviet Union. On communist China’s flag, red represents revolution, while the large star represents communism.  Clearly, he is sending a strong message by wearing this shirt.

Progressive Education Project

Kridel and Bullough co-wrote a book together entitled “Stories of the Eight-Year Study, Re-examining Secondary Education in America.” John Goodlad wrote the forward which described the book as a primer to the Progressive Education Association (PEA) project. Bill Ayers is thanked in the acknowledgements and calls the book “a handbook for action. Stories of the Eight Year Study is the most important education book to appear in years.”

The book describes “shifting the focus from the child to the teacher-pupil relationship.” “Exploration and experimentation” are encouraged in high schools and universities to introduce progressive programs of study while in one study students were tested and followed throughout college. “Increased freedom was granted to experiment with the basic structure of schooling, but teachers and administrators were still held responsible for the quality of their academic programs.”

Our Children are their Guinea Pigs

Were you aware that our children are the experimental guinea pigs of the Progressive education movement and that instead of using tried and true methods of learning our district is encouraged to experiment with our children’s education as long as they push a democracy agenda? So this is why ASD stated on their original Mission Statement page that every single teacher, whether over P.E., arts, science, music, math or language, has as their first priority teaching democracy. This is why the district continues the failed Investigations Math program and Balanced Math instead of choosing successful math programs such as Saxon or Singapore which are proven to improve a child’s math skills. These experimental programs forced by the district put our good teachers in a terrible spot if they have to discontinue proven teaching methods such as times tables and phonics yet are still held accountable for children’s failing grades.

ASD continues to push Goodlad’s Democracy Agenda and its 4 Moral Dimensions

Don’t be fooled because ASD has recently hid details of these programs on their website before an important election. Quietly changing words on a website or taking down a sign on a wall does not constitute real change. The Superintendent and Spokesperson Rhonda Bromley have both stated clearly that the district has no intention of changing this political direction. Vern Henshaw and his spokesperson realize Goodlad is a socialist and humanist. They still stand firmly behind Goodlad and his Agenda 100%.

News Alert: 12/7/10: Ayers says “I never denounced Weather Underground violence”