Major Victory Won – Alpine School Board Election Results!

The Alpine School Board election results are in. We fought a good fight. We won 2 seats and only lost the 2 others by narrow margins. Obviously, we are NOT few in number. We are MANY parents and concerned citizens doing our best to keep education about academics and not Progressive social engineering. Added together, there were 15,685 voters wanting a change at the school board and district level. That’s only 537 votes shy of being the majority! Almost 50% is not bad for parents and voters just barely waking up to this Progressive Education movement in the Alpine School District, especially considering the media hasn’t gotten our story straight from the beginning. Plus, this website has only been up for 3 weeks.

Congratulations Wendy Hart and Paula Hill for winning your election seats in Highland, Alpine, Cedar Hills, and in cities from Lehi to Eagle Mountain. You will be great conservative voices for our children’s future. We want to thank Tim Osborn and Scott Bell for working hard and for standing up for conservative principles and fiscal responsibility. We congratulate all who won and hope that our new school board will work well together, realizing that their jobs are to represent the citizens who voted them into office.

We look forward to continuing to inform citizens and school district employees about the dangers of Progressive Education. Thank you to all who have helped us to spread this message by informing your neighbors, friends and family. Please continue to do this so we can all stay alert and involved in our children’s education, working alongside our good teachers and administrators for the future of our children.

Results of the Alpine School Board Election:

  • Paula Hill 5,984
  • Donna Barnes 4,974
  • Wendy Hart 4,768
  • Chrissy Hanneman 4,606
  • John Burton 3,112
  • Tim Osborn 2,223
  • JoDee Sundberg 3,529
  • Scott Bell 2,710

Fact Check: Here is one of the reasons our Orem candidate did not win in this close race. On Election Day, 150 feet from the polls, we found posters like these being shown along with little children holding similar signs. Just a few days before the election, this candidate decided she would do a complete about face and become a conservative after 25 years!  Wow! Unless ASD redefined that term too, we’re looking forward to seeing those conservative qualities after so many years of seeing quite the opposite. The Utah Taxpayers Association, who endorsed our candidate, will also be watching to see this great turnaround.